This is a multi-stage input process. In Part 1, you’ll input your personal and wage details. In Part 2, you’ll import additional information including allowances and pensions to help maximize your return.

You can upload your PAYG and other supplementary documents through the following Dropbox link at any point, be sure to use the same email address used to complete this form:

Part 1 – Personal Details / Primary Income | Part 2 – Additional Income | Part 3 – Work Expenses (Car, Education)

Part 4 – Home Office Expenses | Part 5 – Super / Health | Upload Supporting Documents

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2020 Tax Part 4
Personal Details
Mobile Phone & Internet Access
Computer / Laptop Used for Work Purposes
Union Fees
Home Office Expenses
Other Work-Related Expenses
Home Office Occupancy Costs (If you ONLY work from your home office)
Gifts and Donations
Cost of Managing Tax Affairs
Personal Superannuation Contributions
Complete Secition
Personal Details